25 June 2019

Manchester City chooses Dynamitick among the innovations of the future for its stadium 

Dynamitick is among the finalists of the City Startup Challenge scheduled for May 24-27 th…
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26 September 2018

Disney Parks Date-Based Tickets

Disney will launch in october 16th a new date-based ticket-pricing scheme supported by an interactive…
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19 September 2018

+20 % in online purchase for Teatro Filodrammatici with Dynamic Pricing

The Teatro Filodrammatici of Milan was the first in Italy to adopt the dynamic price for online ticket sales…
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23 January 2018

Dynamic pricing comes to the supermarket

2018 seems to be the year of the dynamic pricing. Pricing services according to the…
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12 January 2018

In the global market debacle, movie theaters that adopted a dynamic pricing concept are significantly standing out

The data collected by Cinetel in 2017 regarding the situation of the Italian film market reflects…
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9 January 2017

Virtus Entella, dynamic pricing steps into the Italian football sector with Dynamitick

Virtus Entella is the first Italian football team to introduce dinamic ticket prices. Ticket prices for…
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