24 May 2019

2018, more than 500 milion visitors for theme parks

Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) has published its annual report on the global attendance of parks,…
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15 May 2019

The dynamic ticket is a trend for the Italian parks industry

The ZOOM bio park in Turin opens the 2019 season with a special reopening on the occasion…
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7 February 2019

Over 1,25 bilion cinema-goers in Europe

Across 2018, cinema-going in Europe decreased by 3.3 per cent but still totalled over 1.25…
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9 January 2019

Euroleague Basketball announce Tech Challenge finalists: Dynamitick is in!

Euroleague Basketball announced the 10 startup selected to partecipate to the new edition of Euroleague…
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13 November 2018

Dynamitick for Charity

Teamwork. That’s what Dynamitick decided to do, following the examples and the values promoted by…
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12 November 2018

Pallacanestro Aurora Desio and Dynamitick together for 2018/2019

Dynamitick and Pallacanestro Aurora Desio, a basketball team enrolled in the basketball Serie B league,…
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5 October 2018

Zoomarine promotes Dynamic Pricing

"With the dynamic ticket, the complaints about the price have diminished. Now customers can say…
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26 September 2018

Disney Parks Date-Based Tickets

Disney will launch in october 16th a new date-based ticket-pricing scheme supported by an interactive…
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19 September 2018

+20 % in online purchase for Teatro Filodrammatici with Dynamic Pricing

The Teatro Filodrammatici of Milan was the first in Italy to adopt the dynamic price for online ticket sales…
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