Dynamic pricing for sanitary structures,
hospitals and clinics

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We increase

revenue and number of visits

We elevate

customer loyalty studying patients behaviours

We make

pricing discrimination a lever to acquire different types of customers

We distribute

in a better way patients on availabilities

Dynamitick’s algorithms

Artificial intelligence to support healthcare

Individualized pricing based on patient behavior and risk factors uses multi-faceted patient data to predict the right price for the right patient at the right time.

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Dynamic pricing in healthcare

A revolution that starts from United States

U.S. patient  are always more interested in reduce out-of-pocket costs. Thanks to dynamic pricing, clinics will soon be able to offer different out-of-pocket prices depending on when and where each patient goes for a given service


increment of the private sanitary expense in the last year


expense in healthcare is Out-of-pocket


Italian Healthcare industry data

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Dynamic pricing for healthcare

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