Nobody can whistle a symphony

You need a full orchestra to play it

Federico Quarato

Chief Executive Officer

A professional journalist with a degree in business communications, awarded by Cattolica University, where he is currently assistant professor, before dedicating himself to business communications, mainly in the finance and insurance areas, he worked at Rtl 102.5, Class Editori and Sky Sport 24.

Marco Alò

Chief Financial Officer

A graduate with a management degree, awarded by Bocconi University with top marks, he worked as market trader at Integrae Sim and market analyst at Mediobanca Spa. He perfected the mathematical and statistical application of the entertainment Dynamic Pricing Model.

Massimo Dell'Erba

Chief Technical Officer

A computer engineering graduate of Milan Polytechnic, he wrote his dissertation on artificial intelligence at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and worked as a researcher before moving to Mediobanca Spa. He developed the Dynamitick technology.

Milo Corcione

Chief Operating Officer

A graduate with degree in Marketing Management, awarded by Bocconi University, his master’s dissertation was on “Analytical CRM and Dynamic Pricing Model: The Alitalia case”. He worked as strategic consultant for Busacca & Associati, alongside companies such as Alitalia, Wind and Intesa San Paolo.

Gabriele Mamoli

UX/UI Designer

Defined ``The Hackathon marathon man`` by the Corriere della Sera newspaper, Gabriele is a young, expert graphic designer who manages to transform an idea into a user-friendly product. Former “Designer of the Month” for Adobe, Gabriele has won various Hackathons (Audi, Kenwood, NASA and BNP Paribas).

Walter Franchetti

Senior Developer

Walter is a skilled full stack developer. Mentor and organiser of various Start-up Weekends and a member of Boost Accelerator in Santiago, Chile. Walter formerly worked as CTO for various start-ups, in Italy and Chile and is a digital communications expert.