As we all know, the entertainment sector is among those most affected by the COVID-19 emergency and, as many companies are doing in this delicate moment, we thought of putting our skills at the service of operators in this market.

Assuming that in this type of activity, consumers and their emotions must be put first, we decided, in collaboration with doitwellto carry out a survey to study their future needs and behaviors.

The goal is to collect data and insights that will be made available to companies in the sector to better understand how to satisfy the needs of their customers and to set the best strategies to return soon to give emotions safely.

Several answers have already been collected, but it would be important to be able to join forces in order to obtain an increasingly representative sample.

This period taught us the importance of relationships and sharing with a view to a common good and for this reason, we would be pleased if you decided to answer to this questionnaire

We set ourselves the deadline of April 21, so that we can then quickly provide useful information to study the best strategies in view of the restart.

Trusting in the common will to come out together and stronger from this crisis, we thank you for the contribution you can make.