December 31st will be the end of a fundamental decade for the evolution of the world of travel and will start a new age in which technology and artificial intelligence will be more and more protagonists.

Expedia, in collaboration with HomeAway, identified the top 10 trends in the travel market from 2009 to 2019 and has bet on the leading themes in this industry from 2020.

Among the trends of the past years, we find the appearance of artificial intelligence with the spread of dynamic pricing in Airline and among hotels to define rates and to propose an offer based on the needs of the customer, the boom of the market APAC (Asian-Pacific) and the affirmation of alternative accommodation. The past decade has also seen the evolution to the “mobile-only” model and the growth of the low-cost market.

Looking ahead, 6 trends have been identified:

– The digital transformation of travel with an ever-increasing sharing of data between the various players involved;

– The consolidation of AI & predictive analysis with considerable investments by market leaders in new technologies;

– The rise of Gen-Z on the tourism market (today, on average, they make 2.8 trips per year);

Personalisation as a lever to allow further development of the market and the satisfaction of a jagged scenario of micro-niches of travelers;

– Attention to environmental sustainability continues to be one of the keys to the market even in 2020 that can affect consumer choices;

– The evolution towards a model of shorter but more frequent trips, especially for the Asian-Pacific market.

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