Sports clubs are starting to use dynamic pricing and artificial intelligence technologies to improve the fan experience and optimize ticketing revenue from a few key needs for each club:

How to estimate the audience for an event? The dynamic price allows you to predict the demand for each individual match by analyzing the impact of variables such as the date and time of the match, the performance of the team, the opponent and other events at the same time.

What is the best price to sell a ticket at? There are different types of audiences with different spending power and needs. Through the dynamic pricing is possible to offer the right ticket at the right price to the right fan.

How can you bring more and more people to attend the event live? Empty stadiums can negatively affect the experience of the public and the performance of the teams in the field, so it is essential to have the ability to readjust the price in real-time to boost sales in case of a low fill rate close to the match-day.

Basketball Torino joined the team of clubs that understood the importance of adopting the dynamic pricing for ticketing and chose Dynamitick as the provider of the Dynamic Pricing service.

The agreement with Dynamitick is linked to our desire to always provide a better service to our supporters – commented Renato Nicolai, managing director of Reale Mutua Basket Torino – who will be able to buy tickets for our matches in advance and at favourable conditions. An extra opportunity to follow us and get passionate about the great spectacle of basketball”.