The water park and amusement park season started and Dynamic Ticket Pricing is confirmed as one of the main trends for this 2019 with Dynamitick consolidating its position as a leader in the provision of dynamic pricing services in this sector as well.

The first water park in Italy that decided to use Dynamitick algorithms to establish the price of admission was Acquasplash Franciacorta in the summer of 2017, while Zoomarine became the first among the main structures last year, closing the season with an increase in attendance of around 15% and with +105% in online sales, becoming the first edutainment park in Central and Southern Italy.

Starting this season, other excellent facilities such as the Acquario di Genova, the Acquario di Livorno and Aquafan (Costa Edutainment), the Zoom Biopark in Turin, the Biopark in Rome and Aquafelix have decided to rely on Dynamic Pricing.

In total, therefore, in 2019 will be more than 1.5 million of dynamic tickets sold in Italian parks.

“Price discrimination with the support of artificial intelligence for a park is essential to predict the flow of demand and to adapt its price to real market demand, even in cases in whitch it is influenced by factors that are not under the management of the park as the weather – says Federico Quarato, CEO of Dynamitick – The entertainment industry is constantly growing thanks to the proper use of new technologies. We are proud to be at the side of so many parks in our country.

This is a phenomenon that has not gone unnoticed by Parksmania, the reference portal for the world of parks in Italy, which spoke of the dynamic price in this article.