The ZOOM bio park in Turin opens the 2019 season with a special reopening on the occasion of the Carnival bridge and does so by focusing on innovation. Taking an example from other Italian parks that have achieved remarkable results following the trend of the international entertainment market, the bio park has decided to introduce the dynamic ticket.

The park in Turin, which celebrated 2 million visitors in August, chose not to be satisfied with the excellent results achieved in the previous season and to focus on artificial intelligence in order to offer visitors the opportunity to live an experience at the right price at all times.

Gian Luigi Casetta, founder and managing director of Zoom Torino

“We are pleased to be able to introduce this new ticketing tool which will improve the accessibility and hospitality of the park. We believe that it is essential to always respond in the best possible way to the needs of our visitors, who will be able to plan their visit to the park on the basis of the best offer. We are honoured to have a young and proactive company like Dynamitick at our side, in a phase of growth in which we are also committed in terms of offering services to those who visit our park”.

Federico Quarato, CEO of Dynamitick

“The agreement with Bioparco ZOOM Torino is a source of pride for our startup and a new element for the diffusion of Dynamic Pricing in this sector. This innovative way of selling tickets for your facility allows more satisfaction of customers who can save money by planning their visit in advance and choose the day of entry based on the price offered. Also in Zoom, as already happens with all our customers, the park managers will appreciate a new boost to online sales, less queue at the checkout of the park and a better balance of visitor flows during the week.