Teamwork. That’s what Dynamitick decided to do, following the examples and the values promoted by sport and, in particular, by Virtus Entella football club, Dynamitick’s partner since January 2017.
To thank a company and a territory that immediately believed in the potential of Dynamitick, the startup decided to make a gift to the Chiavari’s community. Thanks to Dynamitick, the Benedetto Acquarone Center ( ), a company that operates since the 40s in the territory to support disabled people, elderly and in the education of young people, now has 10 tickets available for every home game of the Entella football team.
The initiative, valid for the entire 2017/2018 season, has been strongly supported by both Dynamitick and Virtus Entella, with the aim of making Entella a meeting point for people in different conditions. The main goal of this charitable giving is to stimulate, through the stadium experience, the integration between Benedetto Acquarone’s guests and the community.