“With the dynamic ticket, the complaints about the price have diminished. Now customers can say “I want this price or this one”. Actually purchasing in advance there are great benefits “.


Renato Lenzi, CEO of Zoomarine, spoke about the advantages brought by Dynamic Pricing developed by Dynamitick in front of an audience composed by the most important managers and owners of Italian amusement parks.



He presented the extraordinary results of this season during Parksmania Award, an event organized to reward the bests amusement parks.


The edutainment park located in Torvaianica has in fact registered an increase of 15% in attendance (despite the season is not over yet) and has improved the level of satisfaction of its customers by changing the pricing of the tickets.


Since the introduction of the dynamic price for online tickets and the consequent possibility for clients to save money by buying in advance and organizing their visit to the park on time, online sales have more than doubled and queues at the boxoffice have been reduced.


Zoomarine is one of the candidates for the Parksmania Award as “Park of the Year”.