Disney Parks Date-Based Tickets

By  26 September 2018 No Comments

Disney will launch in october 16th a new date-based ticket-pricing scheme supported by an interactive calendar for its Florida theme parks

This changes represent an evolution of date-sensitive pricing that was introduced two years ago. That model took seasonality into account and charged differently for “peak,” “moderate” or “value” admission times. The updated process gets much more granular, with different prices based on the dates guests choose to visit.

DisneyWorld.com will help consumers to “simplify the booking experience and help them easily customize their visit based on their unique needs and interests,” said Disney spokeswoman Jacquee Wahler. The site will help orient guests to the scope and variety of attractions and “gives guests tailored choices” while better enabling the company to “better spread attendance throughout the year to improve the guest experience”.

Walt Disney World Resort Introduces New Online Destination For Vacation Planning, Date-Based Tickets