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Dynamitick is the leading company in Italy in the development
of dynamic pricing solutions, for ticketing and more

Always sell at the correct price

Dynamic pricing is the variable structuring of a price, guided by market demand, commercial results and an analysis of exogenous variables in order to maximise revenues.

  • Analysis of sales history
  • Definition of the new pricing
  • Customisation of dynamic pricing algorithms
  • Integration of information systems
  • Advanced Analytics

Mathematical models

Refined mathematic languages interpret client behaviour and describe demand curves

Data Mining

Techniques used for determining the behaviour of the various segments of clientele.

Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence for gathering and correlating variables having an impact on demand.

Our Dynamic Pricing solutions

Three business lines for providing solutions to clients availing of various levels of digitalisation.


The Study Centre provides an interpretation of sales data and pricing strategies which are analysed, corrected or restructured.


For clients having information systems we provide dynamic pricing APIs, built on owned technology and unpublished algorithms.


Ad hoc products, in order to satisfy the requirements of specific industrial segments: software applications for dynamic pricing management.

What they’re saying about us

Il sole 24 Ore

“Dynamic pricing, partnership between Deloitte and Dynamitick for developing the dynamic pricing market, starting with sport”


“The creator of the revolution on the big screen is the start-up Dynamitick which betted on the transfer of the variable price to the entertainment market”

Il Resto Del Carlino

“Someone is still thinking about the public. Dynamic pricing for entertainment is an ingenious idea, as well as hypermodern”

Il Giorno

“An ingenious idea: dynamic pricing populates the cinema. The revenues of Dynamitick grow by 15%”

Our clients’ results

Having the price fluctuate means offering ones products at real market value, maximising proceeds and presence.



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