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Dynamic pricing is the flexible setting of  prices, based on market demand, commercial results and analysis of exogenous variables, to maximise revenues.

  • Sales history analysis
  • Setting of the new pricing
  • Tailoring of dynamic pricing algorithms
  • Information systems integration
  • Advanced Analytics

Mathematical models

Sophisticated mathematical languages describe customer behaviour and shape demand curves.

Data Mining

Methods used to determine the behaviour of the various customer segments.

Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence for identifying and linking variables that affect demand.

Our Dynamic Pricing solutions

Three business lines to provide solutions to customers with various degrees of digitalisation.


Do you want to increase sales? Choose Dynamitick for your new dynamic price lists.

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Do you have an IT system? Integrates Dynamitick dynamic pricing APIs.
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Discover our web-based dynamic pricing solutions, such as Dashboard Cinema!
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In the press

Il Sole 24 Ore

“Dynamic pricing partnership between Deloitte and Dynamitick for developing the dynamic pricing market, starting with sport..”


“The company behind the big screen revolution is the Dynamitick start-up, which took a gamble on transferring flexible pricing to the entertainment market.”

Il Resto Del Carlino

“Someone is still looking out for the public. Dynamic pricing for entertainment is an ingenious, cutting-edge idea.”

Il Giorno

“An ingenious idea: cinema dynamic pricing populates is all the rage. Dynamitick customers see 15% revenue growth.”

Corriere della Sera

“Teatro Filodrammatici is the first one in Italy that experiences the dynamic ticket. It will be a real hunt for online deals such as for flights and hotels”

La Repubblica

“Milan, now you can find the dynamic ticketing also in theatres: the price is based on the artists, weather forecasts, and purchasing time.”

Our customers’ results

Pricing flexibility means offering one’s products at their true market value, while maximising takings and attendance.



Revenues in the period up



Tickets sold up



Online sales up

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